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 It’s nice to meet you!

Hey, I’m Nastasya Rose, the woman behind the empire. As a dedicated Founder of VIVE, I’ve heard every team member's desires as we've grown to a consistent over 30 team members and growing. One of the biggest requests has been for training to be educated in everything I know, so you can deliver your best to the VIVE brand. I'm excited to deliver our new VIVE Connect, exclusively to the VIVE team, so learning from me can be simple, easy, and fun.


Our rise is incredible. We're here to create the best in what we do, for our clients. We're here to deliver the best client experience.


Nastasya Rose


Portal Features

Can’t wait for your virtual growing experience? We hear you! Here's what you'll receive here. 


Team Development

Start your day with this heart-healthy and delicious staple. You won’t believe how powerful it is when you bond and develop as a team. Gain the family you wanted wanted to have as you become the best you



Seasoned in expertise to perfection. From platforms, to ways of communication to how we deliver the best client experience. Learn how to be the best in the game in what we do in the VIVE empire.


Staff Directory

Authentic connections with your fellow team members. As each member is willing to share their profile, get to know who works with you in this space. Connect with your VIVE family, and see the magic you can create.




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Create the vitality and freshness of authentic client experience, in the comfort of your own device.

In this new team portal, you'll master the authentic art of what we do, using intuitive programming, and the techniques passed down in the past decade of creation created for future generations of the brand.


Welcome to the beginning of our upleveled journey. 

Join me on a journey of upleveling to the best versions of ourselves we've ever been. It's time to serve the world in the best way.