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W H Y  W E  D I D  T H I S

See what pain points brought our passion to make a change with The VIVE Connect.

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What pain were we facing?

In the past near 10 years of coaching and fighting to be a successful entrepreneur, I witnessed a ton of stress that just wasn't needed. Then, as my team and I dove into 2019 working the hardest we ever have, we just saw some of the nastiest episodes in this risky walk. Finally, to make it worse, we saw other entrepreneurs literally setting up newbies for the worst disasters in their own journeys!

Finally, we said, enough. 

With The VIVE Connect membership service, we bring in 10+ experts in all the areas an entrepreneur would want to know to be the best ever. No more lacking awareness. No more walking in scarcity, blind of what lies ahead. Now, that entrepreneur can be alert, aware, and ready for whatever comes. Now, you can be the best leader in the game with the best accountability. 

As long as you're with us, you can always rest assured to keep rising to the top with the best mind, body, and soul, thanks to the Experts we've brought in to help in this membership so you're supported. 

Thanks to The VIVE Connect, you can really be the best in the game.

"I've known Nastasya Rose since when she started coaching in the Bronx, NY, in 2010. To think she went from coaching in her living room to getting blessed in coaching at her own location in such a peaceful place makes me so happy. I'm so happy she never gave up & got discovered on the Internet. I always told her. She's made to be great."

-Veronika G., Independent Member
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