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Our Experts Panel leads the membership. With 10+ Experts in all the topics an entrepreneur should master, you're in good hands to be the best in the game.

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Kayla Brookshire

Spiritual Forecaster

Kayla Brookshire is a Spiritual Healer, Business Coach, and the Spiritual Forecaster for the VIVE Connect membership service. Her biggest passions include working 1:1 and in group with leaders and companies ready to make great things happen in the world. She's a gifted soul with extreme talents in seeing where your pain points are, and how to heal them for a better self and better world. 

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Suzanne Elizabeth

Psychotherapist, Anxiety Alchemist

Suzanne Elizabeth is a psychotherapist, anxiety alchemist, and awesome power leader in how to still be great after adversary. Suzanne comes to The VIVE Connect to deliver how to still be great and fight the anxiety in the same stresses we all face as entrepreneurs. 

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Ian Merzwinski

Fitness Expert

Ian Merzwinski is our Fitness Expert of The VIVE Connect, the Founder & Online Trainer for Beyond the Physique, and a top model in Los Angeles, California. He is the true definition of consistency, dedication, and persistence in faith. Ian teaches how to make your goals happen in fitness, no matter the fight.

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Christal Lewis

Business Startup Expert

Christal Lewis is the owner of Christal's Business Consulting & Services and is our Business Startup Expert in The VIVE Connect. Now working with the Small Business Administration, she has a lot to bring to our members. She is passionate on all the things related to starting a business as she wants to ensure your success in beginning a great chapter in the lives of entrepreneurs starting out. Avoid the mistakes everyone else makes when starting a business with this leader. 

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Kat Colling

International Branding Expert

Kat Colling is our International Marketing & Branding Expert based in the United Kingdom. She's the Founder of her own marketing agency Sunshine2. She's also one of our very first Experts to have joined our Panel for The VIVE Connect. With her wisdom in travel and connecting with others in bringing their brands alive, Kat is here to help you be confident in your branding flow.

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Hera Zee

Marketing Expert

Some people might call Hera Zee a serial entrepreneur and she won't debate that.  Hera built her first business online, over a decade ago (aka before it was cool), and immediately saw what having a solid marketing plan could do for growth and sales of a brand.  Now, as VP & Partner at her own Digital Marketing Agency, Hera and her team are obsessed with helping businesses work smarter (not harder) to grow and scale online. Their mission is to double the size of 10,000 businesses in 5 years and to know that everyday, their work has actually made people’s dreams come true and changed their lives for the better. 


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David Vargas

Sales & Mindset Expert

David Vargas is one of the best experts in Florida, passionate about others doing well in fitness, sales, and mindset. He is the definition on consistency in pushing through, everyday. In The VIVE Connect, David comes and shares how our members can stop feeling sales-y in growing their careers, and making it something everyone loves and wants to support. 

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Nutrition Expert

In negotiations!

We're excited to bring forth a Nutrition Expert when it comes to how we should live and be in the world today for our optimal performance and health. This specific expert also works with us in our Rock the Detox Coaching platform where we coach our clients on how to detox their mind, body, and soul to be their best selves. She masters in the Post Detox work we do on that platform, so of course we'd ask her to come on board and show our VIVE Connect members how it's done, too! look forward to this cool announcement of who it is once the negotiations are done. 

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Tiffany Kay Winn

Faith Expert

Tiffany Kay Winn is a life coach and our Faith Expert for The VIVE Connect. She's the meaning of what it takes to move forward in our faith in everything we do. Believe it or not, faith is one of the most important factors you must keep with you as an entrepreneur to keep rising. We look forward to you learning from her what it really takes to move forward, with a lot of faith. 

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Nastasya Rose

Master Coach, Founder of VIVE, MC for The VIVE Connect

Nastasya Rose is our MC of The VIVE Connect who holds it all together for our Experts Panel to deliver in ways our members can absorb their wisdom in power. Passionate for change in the way entrepreneurs move, she founded The VIVE Connect so others don't have to go through what she experienced the first decade of her coaching career. She brings charisma, personality, and guarantee into our members embracing every feature of The VIVE Connect membership to benefit them in changing the world as the leaders they were always meant to be. 

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"I'm so thankful Nastasya launched this membership where we can learn from all these experts! There's nothing more humbling& inspirational than seeing a leader know how she doesn't know everything, and collaboration with the best is the way. Nastasya's the definition of a leader. Let's learn from these experts!"

-Samuel T., Entrepreneur Client
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